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SV Rot-Weiß Krauthausen eV

Founding year: 1954

Activities: handball | Fitness | Bowling  


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Handballer als Indikator für den Sport

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Association as an opportunity for health and integration

As a "sports club", the main task of SV Rot-Weiß Krauthausen is to promote sport in the community and thus the health of its members.

Sport or exercise in general can be a way to compensate for the growing responsibility and strain in professional and family life. Our association should continue to provide an opportunity for everyone who enjoys sport to integrate into society.


The statutory purpose of the association is to be guaranteed in particular through the implementation of regular training operations, the organization of sporting events / competitions as well as the training and further education of the members. The sporting promotion of children and young people should become a mainstay of our association in the future.


In the long term, it must be our goal to create an appealing and age-appropriate range of sports for all sections of the population so that, as a sports club, we can support people from childhood through to high retirement age. To this end, the range of sports on offer must be significantly improved. The systematic development of various departments has already started in the past. Restructuring was necessary for this to guarantee a solid economic basis for the association. Furthermore, investments were made in training and further education so that there are enough trained instructors available in the various teams and sports.


Our sports offer currently consists of a training and point game operation in the field of handball for a men's team and

a male e-youth, a training company for a women's team and a sports community with the female

B and D youth of SV Eintracht Ifta. We also have a mass sports department, which is regularly used for Nordic walking and for

Gymnastics / aerobics meets.


The sports hall in Creuzburg gives our club the chance to act in the interests of the citizens of the Krauthausen community and to be able to show one or two sporting successes with certainty in the future. Every individual who is enabled for sporting activities in our association has brought us a step closer to our goal of promoting health and also helped the member outside of the association, because "Only a healthy body can have a healthy mind".


signed 1st chairman

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